31 Days of Halloween: Day 24

It is with no surprise that I report (via The Atlantic Wire) that the latest in Halloween “costumes” has nothing to do with your physical body at all: folks are “dressing up” their Twitter handle with a seasonal (usually punny) twist. A few reported “Halloweenized” names: hockey writer Harrison Mooney’s Scarrison Booney, New Yorker managing editor Sylvia Killingsworth’s Killvia Killingsworth, copywriter Bobby Finger’s Bloody Finger, or Gawker editor Max Read’s Axe Bleed. As you can see, it is sort of an untweeted rule to cleverly “disguise” your real name. Although there are those like John Halloween (John Cook, another Gawker editor) who aren’t quite as witty. And those with last names like “Heller” already have it made!

Of course, for most of us, Halloweenizing our names is a challenge. I might try “Pooka Guran” or maybe “Paula Grue Ran”…”Boo-la Grrran”? Nawww…

How about you? Any trick-or-tweeting on Twitter for you?



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