31 Days of Halloween: Day Sixteen

I live in an old house with lots of surrounding vegetation. Spiders (well, most of the ones around here) are our friends. (Not that my daughter believes that. The only spider she can abide is named Charlotte.) So, even if you try, getting rid of webs around here would be almost a full-time job if anyone were to seriously undertake it—especially in the basement.

But you may not be lucky enough to live in a naturally decrepit dwelling like I do. If you want to enhance your (un)living room or bed (dead) room with creepy cobwebbing. Martha Stewart provides a quick, easy, and effective way to turn cheesecloth into raggedy webs for an entryway. She adds a macabre candelabra, some drooping lilies, pumpkins in faded hues, and a few more touches for the full effect.

And, of course, copies of Halloween: Magic, Mystery, and the Macabre left here and there would be a most appropriate touch!



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