31 Days of Halloween: Day Twenty-eight

Okay, I really don’t get parents who think their children are going to go missing or be preyed upon on Halloween. Who sends a small child out alone to start with? Or even in a group without an adult or responsible teen (please note the adjective) at least quietly accompanying them? And if your neighborhood has trick-or-treat, it means more people are paying attention to (and watching out for) the youngsters than usual. As for poison, razor blades or needles in candy: all urban legends. Pedophiles? In some areas sex offenders are restricted from Halloween activities. The real dangers of Halloween include being hit by a car, the prevalence of candles and bonfires, and costumes (or accessories) that impair vision or cause tripping.

trickortrackerBut don’t listen to me. Evidently 15% of parents surveyed in 2011 told children’s advocacy group SafeKids that they fear their child will be abducted on Halloween.

Of course, there’s an app for that! Well, more than one, but the Trick or Tracker seems to really fill the bill. It allegedly “enables parents to monitor their child’s location at all times, both on Halloween and throughout the year, through their smartphone.” Recently updated , Trick Or Tracker now comes with “geo-fence technology…the home/school arrival notification technology Latchkey Kid, and other features built into the child’s phone. Through Trick Or Tracker, children can locate their parents or send a distress message, which sends the parent or other message recipient the child’s exact location through a daytime satellite map. The app additionally has a flashlight feature that shines a white light and can also shine in various glow-stick colors, making it a perfect safety light to guide trick-or-treaters on Halloween.”

Of course your kid has to have a smartphone. (Another dangerous distraction?)

Or does it even exist? I found this device written up or reported by several reputable sources. There are various videos and press releases. But checking out the website I found a nonfunctioning pages and no way to download the device.

Are we being tricked?



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