31 Days of Halloween: Day Twenty-Nine

Yesterday we looked at America’s favorite candy treats. But what candies do t-o-t’ers really consider as “tricks”? We are not talking pennies, pretzels, apples, raisins, or stale bags of plain popcorn here. Just candy. Personally, I hated Raisenets and Dum-Dums. Jeez, what a cheapskate! Couldn’t go for Tootsie-Pops? Even a plain ol’ sucker (with or without those loopy “safety sticks”) or three were better than Dum-Dums.

Huffington Post lists these nine “most-hated” Halloween treats, but included stuff that isn’t candy as #8 AND #9. (Comments mine.)

  1. Candy Corn – Yeah, not good. Seasonal but not really edible
  2. Mary Janes – I don’t even know what these are, so they have to be bad!
  3. Bit-o-Honey - Definitely not a favorite.
  4. Tootsie Rolls – Disagree! I liked Tootsie Rolls. The little waxy wrappers were a sure giveaway how many you’d eaten, but you had the same problem with Hersey Kisses except the foil was easier to roll into a teensy ball and wedge in a pocket. You were safe until Mom did the laundry.
  5. Good & Plenty – This is the oldest brand of candy still in the US and I think some boxes have been around since 1893. If I wanted licorice, I wanted licorice, not these pink-and-white candy-coated things.
  6. Smarties – Fie! I liked Smarties. Another wrapper-disposal problem, but these things taste pretty much like solid sugar. What kid doesn’t want that instant high?
  7. Whoppers – Huffpo, what’s up with that? Whoppers? LOVED ‘em. Still do. You don’t like Whoppers? Send them to me.

Okay, what about you? What candy tricks did you (or would you still) hate to have land in your bag of treats?


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