31 Days of Halloween: Day Twenty

Here’s my new little pumpkin of a granddaughter with her “picker” mom, Allyson…
…and here’s Vayda’s dad, Mark, as a pumpkin for HIS first Halloween thirty years ago. (What you can see of him.) (And yes, I made the costume.)

Halloween costumes are easy the first couple of years. YOU get to pick what they will be (all four of my kids wore the pumpkin and, for their second Halloween, a cute comfy clown outfit.) Around age three, though, most kids start to have opinions of what they want to be. You get more creative!

And…just a reminder about this blog’s Halloween treat: You only have until midnight (US/ET) October 22 to “share” the news about Halloween: Magic, Mystery and the Macabre to be entered in the book giveaway: if you tweet about the book, that’s an entry! If you share about it on Facebook, that’s an entry. Share on your blog? Yup, that’s another entry. Even following me (#paulaguran) on Twitter will be an entry. The more you share the more chances you get to win. No, the people with the most shares don’t win…they just have more chances to win



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