Looking for some great Halloween reads?

ZombiesMoreRecent-200Zombies: More Recent Dead‘s first review at Thinking About Books. Each story is covered, but, in sum:

“Here was I thinking the zombie story was dead and buried, only to find this anthology full of stories of such range and quality… There’s still good work being done on old and trusted tropes… I can now shamble forward to seek out more stories such as this for intellectual nourishment. Zombies: More Recent Dead is great value for money.”

Or there’s the annual The Best Dark Fantasy & Horror of the Year: 2014 (from Kirkus):

YBDarkF&H2014cover300“Editor Paula Guran gives her take on the year’s best dark fantasy and horror in this collection, which boasts 32 stories by such talent as Elizabeth Bear, Joe R. Lansdale, Yoon Ha Lee, Ken Liu, Helen Marshall, Sarah Monette, Kit Reed, Brandon Sanderson, Karin Tidbeck and more. The beauty of an anthology like this—besides being the best picks by an editor who knows her stuff—is the diversity of the genre that it reflects. You’ll find stories here spanning all corners of the horror spectrum, guaranteeing that there’s something you’re looking for as well as new discoveries waiting to be found.”



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