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In addition to the 31 (phase one) Juno novels (which included literary fantasy, supernatural mystery, paranormal romance, historical fantasy, horror, clockpunk, epic fantasy, and, of course, urban fantasy) and the 21 Pocket Juno original urban fantasy novels, Guran has edited collections Black Butterflies: A Flock on the Darkside (Mark V. Ziesing; winner of the Stoker and IHG awards), Really Really Really Really Weird Stories (Night Shade Books), and Living Shadows: Stories: New & Preowned (Prime) for John Shirley as well as his science fiction novels The Other End (Cemetery Dance), Black Glass (Elder Signs), and Everything Is Broken (Prime). She also oversaw the updating of his classic cyberpunk A Song Called Youth trilogy (Eclipse, Eclipse Penumbra, Eclipse Corona) (Prime) and horror novels Cellars (Infrapress) and In Darkness Waiting (Infrapress). Additionally, she edited his historical novel Wyatt in Wichita (Skyhorse).

Additionally, for Prime Books she has edited:

For Skyhorse Publishing/Night Shade Books she has edited:

For Masque Books she has edited: